Land and Profit Improvement Tools

*Ordered based on cost effectiveness. I will expand on these concepts in future posts. Or you can contact me directly with questions about these tools.

These are the 9 most effective tools for regenerating land on a vast scale:

  1. Holistic Planned Grazing (A.k.a High Density Rotational Grazing)
  2. “Bale-Grazing”
  3. Large-Batch Hot Composting
  4. Keyline Plowing
  5. Shade Tree Establishment
  6. “S.T.U.N” breeding programs (Sheer Total Utter Neglect)
  7. Cafeteria-Style Free Choice Minerals
  8. Water Harvesting Earthworks (ponds, dams, swales, gabions etc)
  9. Predator-Induced rotational grazing

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