Recommended Reading

Introduction To Regenerative Agriculture

  1. Food Inc (documentary)
  2. The Omnivore’s Dilemma
  3. INHABIT (documentary)
  4. How To Not Go Broke Ranching
  5. Letter To A Vegetarian Nation
  6. Folks, This Ain’t Normal
  7. For The Love Of The Land
  8. The Carbon Farming Solution
  9. Gardeners Of Eden
  10. Cows Save The Planet
  11. The Soil Will Save Us
  12. Defending Beef
  13. Permaculture Playing Cards (playing cards)

Learning The Core Concepts In Regenerative Agriculture

  1. Holistic Management: A New Framework For Decision Making
  2. Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual
  3. Restoration Agriculture
  4. Working With Nature: Shifting Paradigms
  5. Regrarians Handbook
  6. The Resilient Farm And Homestead
  7. Teaming With Microbes
  8. You Can Farm
  9. The One-Straw Revolution
  10. Gaia’s Garden: A Guide To Home-Scale Permaculture
  11. Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture
  12. Water For Every Farm
  13. The Organic Farmer’s Business Handbook

Delving Deeper Into Specific Techniques

  1. Holistic Management Handbook
  2. Tree Crops: A Permanent Agriculture
  3. Edible Forest Gardens
  4. The Urban Farmer
  5. Rainwater Havesting For Drylands And Beyond
  6. Kick The Hay Habit
  7. Comeback Farms
  8. Stockmanship Manual
  9. Man, Cattle and Veld
  10. Salad Bar Beef
  11. Farming The Woods
  12. Pastured Poultry Profit$
  13. Natural Horsemanship
  14. The Permaculture Orchard (dvd)
  15. Soil Biology Primer
  16. The Rodale Book Of Composting
  17. The Market Gardener

Other Recommended Reading

  1. Twilight Of The Mammoths
  2. The $50 And Up Underground House Book
  3. Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal
  4. The Earth Sheltered Solar Greenhouse
  5. The Vegetarian Myth
  6. Fields Of Farmers
  7. Earthbag Building
  8. The Botany Of Desire
  9. The Hand-Sculpted House
  10. Rocket Mass Heaters
  11. Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save The World
  12. Biogas

My Favorite Books Not About Farming At All

  1. Mastering The Core Teachings Of The Buddha
  2. Starting Strength
  3. 8 Steps To  A Pain Free Back
  4. The Lord Of The Rings
  5. A Path With Heart
  6. Being Zen
  7. Sapiens: A Brief History Of Humankind
  8. A Brief History Of Time
  9. Practical Tracking
  10. Beyond Happiness
  11. Waking Up
  12. Influence: The Psychology Of Persuasion

*Titles in bold are the ones I have read. I am working on reading all of these, but I only have so much time…. Everything I have included which I have not personally read has come highly recommended from people I trust. 

**Almost all of the links on this page are “associate links” which means that if you buy something on Amazon after clicking one of my links I will get a percentage of the value of what you bought, with no extra cost for you. This is a way you can support the work I do. I would love to be able to spend all of my time teaching people about Regenerative Agriculture, but I need to make money doing it or I will not be able to continue doing it for much longer. Thanks for your support!

*** A lot of these books are much cheaper if you buy them through this link:

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